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Business Technology Strategy Pillar more info at http://iasaglobal.org/itabok3_0/
Business Fundamentals
Strategy Development and Rationalization
Industry Analysis
Business Valuation
Investment Prioritization and Planning
Requirements Discovery and Constraints Analysis
Architecture Methodologies and Frameworks
Risk Management

Human Dynamics Pillar
Managing the Culture
Customer Relations
Leadership and Management
Peer Interaction
Collaboration and Negotiation
Presentation Skills
Writing Skills

Design Skills Pillar
Architecture Description
Requirements Modeling
Design Methods and Processes
Design Analysis and Testing
Design Patterns and Styles
Traceability Throughout the Lifecycle
Views and Viewpoints
Whole System Design

IT Environment Pillar
Technical Project Management
Asset Management
Change Management
Application Development
IT Governance
Testing Methods, Tools, and Techniques
Knowledge Management
Decision Support
Platforms and Frameworks

Quality Attributes Pillar
Balancing and Optimizing Quality Attributes

Manageability, Maintainability, Supportability, Extensibility, and Flexibility
Monitoring and Management
Usability, Localization, Accessibility, Personalization/Customizability
Packaging, Delivery, Post Deployment
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Welcome to phpBB3

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