Enterprise Architecture

What is Architecture?
Architecture at Iasa is the practice of business, organization or client gain through the application of technology strategy. It is the art and science of designing and delivering valuable technology strategy. The BoK describes this as business technology strategy, which forms the primary pillar of the 5 pillars of architecture skill. Other words Iasa uses to describe this are innovation, ideation, and value management. At its core, the ITABoK describes how to create a professional person or group of professionals who can consistently find new applications of technology to generate positive outcomes for their client or employer.
The ITABoK provides a reference point for a particular type of architect and may not fit all titled or non-titled definitions. Iasa has long been aware that some architects focus on the development of models as their primary concern, using designs to aid in governance, understanding a business or optimization of an information technology group. Some architects claim they are designing or engineering an entire enterprise. All of these activities are beneficial. However, the ITABoK is focused on developing a profession of architect where practitioners fulfill all or most of the following throughout their career:

Retain depth in technical skill as well as business skill
Able to successfully work with both business and technical staff
Develop their own or others business cases based on technology driven innovation
Retain the ability to deliver projects on those business cases, generally at increasing levels of
Deliver business projects more successfully based on outcomes than others
Are committed to the identification of repeatability in business technology outcomes
Are as much an artists as scientists
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  • 5 Pillars of Enterprise Architecture from IASAGLOBAL
    Business Technology Strategy Pillar more info at http://iasaglobal.org/itabok3_0/
    Business Fundamentals
    Strategy Development and Rationalization
    Industry Analysis
    Business Valuation
    Investment Prioritization and Planning
    Requirements Discovery and Constraints Analysis
    Architecture Methodologies and Frameworks
    Risk Management

    Human Dynamics Pillar
    Managing the Culture
    Customer Relations
    Leadership and Management
    Peer Interaction
    Collaboration and Negotiation
    Presentation Skills
    Writing Skills

    Design Skills Pillar
    Architecture Description
    Requirements Modeling
    Design Methods and Processes
    Design Analysis and Testing
    Design Patterns and Styles
    Traceability Throughout the Lifecycle
    Views and Viewpoints
    Whole System Design

    IT Environment Pillar
    Technical Project Management
    Asset Management
    Change Management
    Application Development
    IT Governance
    Testing Methods, Tools, and Techniques
    Knowledge Management
    Decision Support
    Platforms and Frameworks

    Quality Attributes Pillar
    Balancing and Optimizing Quality Attributes

    Manageability, Maintainability, Supportability, Extensibility, and Flexibility
    Monitoring and Management
    Usability, Localization, Accessibility, Personalization/Customizability
    Packaging, Delivery, Post Deployment
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